e.terra: Reviving NYC Restaurants with a Flexible Commercial Kitchen


This is not a simple feat yet uptown hope springs thanks to industry veterans Bella Karakis and Joel Rogozinski.

e.terra™, a culinary workspace solutions company opened its first flexible commercial kitchen location in Harlem, New York. This startup provides community-focused, flexible commercial kitchen solutions and business services to support the growth of food & beverage companies in every stage of development.

“We started e.terra to re-envision the commercial kitchen model and to benefit those most economically impacted by the pandemic in the New York City culinary community,” commented Bella Karakis, CEO of e.terra. “Chefs, caterers, bakers, food entrepreneurs, and established brands all have unique needs, and our centrally-located Harlem location is designed specifically to help businesses of all sizes start, launch, grow and succeed. It’s time to get chefs cooking again.”

The Harlem space is 5,600 square feet of production, storage, film/pop space, and comprehensive business support. Featuring 2 large kitchens, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen equipment, and technology, with room to scale while keeping startup costs low. It includes a shared commercial kitchen, a baker’s kitchen, ghost or private kitchen stations, dry and cold storage, office co-working space, and a full roster of business support services.

e.terra: A Commercial Kitchen Solution Is Essential For Every Community

Facilitating the growth of local food options is an essential service for every community. For these small businesses to succeed they need the right combination of production space, business support, and access to community partnerships. 

e.terra plans to expand its operations across the 5 Boroughs, the Tri-State area, and to other communities across the US, applying this formula to each community where an e.terra kitchen is located.

One of the differences between a ghost kitchen and e.terra is the structure to serve a more diverse and broad audience. Ghost kitchens are typically multi-location delivery-only concepts that are well funded and seek additional delivery locations for expanding territory.  e.terra is able to service a wider audience, from start-up to small food businesses and delivery-only concepts by providing flexible kitchen rental options tailored to the individual business needs, dedicated ghost station rentals as well as comprehensive support.”

 Only through active community engagement and strategic partnerships can we create a comprehensive support system necessary to address the daily struggles of food businesses regardless of where they are located. 

The success of others and giving back is what they do best. Focused on supporting any small business and growing a community with education and encouragement. 

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