Who We Support

We Help Culinary Entrepreneurs!

With over 8,500 sq. ft and two locations, e.terra kitchen provides on demand, 24/7 commercial shared kitchen workspaces and storage space in addition to customized support services for a wide range of F&B needs from startups to mature brands, both membership based and one off bookings.

e.terra Kitchen is the exclusive culinary training center for Rational USA. We are proud to use iCombi Pro units and very soon will be adding iVario Pro! And thank you Rational USA for highlighting e.terra Kitchen as a culinary leader in the U.S. 

Food Production:

  • Caterers
  • Bakers
  • Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing
  • Ghost/Virtual/Delivery-Only Restaurants
  • Meal Prep Producers
  • Meal Relief Programs
  • School Meal Production
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Pet Food Production
  • Beauty Products
  • Food Storage – Dry and Cold

Training & Development:

  • Menu Development
  • Culinary Staff Training
  • Chef Interviews 
  • Client Tastings

Film/Media Production:

  • Film & Photo Shoots
  • TV/Media Production
  • Media Interviews


  • Cooking Classes
  • Chefs Table/Experiential
  • Event Production (Back of House/Front of House)

Discover what you can do with a shared kitchen:

Media Production

Members and guests routinely conduct photo & video shoots in this kitchen studio space and appreciate the professional, super clean, commercial kitchen metal aesthetic.

Chefs, Bakers, & Product Makers

Everyone from Start-Ups to established Restaurants are welcome in our flexible kitchen for prep, mass production, temporary kitchen space, employee training, recipe testing, and more!

Food Festivals

New York City hosts many food festivals and e.terra Kitchen supports participating brands with prep, storage, equipment rentals; logistical and transportation support. And if ever needing Brand Ambassadors for the duration of the event, we can help in that area too!

Culinary Events

We host industry events, food entrepreneur speaking sessions, cookbook launch parties, "chef's table" dining experiences, cooking and baking classes; culinary panel discussions and festive mixers.