The Entrepreneurial Journey: Embracing Opportunities Behind Every Door


If the doors aren’t open, just kick them in and keep walking.” – Michael Schur

I’ve always known myself to be a storyteller.  I tell stories with words and with photos.  I craft my stories thoughtfully and consciously, in every detail.  When I snap a photo, there is always a conscious reason for it.  And yet, reviewing my stash of photos after a recent trip to Europe, I realized that subconsciously, I took an extraordinary amount of photos of doors. Yep, all types of doors, small doors, tall doors, wide doors, crooked doors, ornate doors, Art Nouveau doors, ostentatious doors…and yes, a lot of ancient doors. I was honestly taken aback by my obvious fixation on … yes, doors.

After some thorough introspection, I feel that this is my subconscious nod to my identity, as an entrepreneur. 

Why, you ask?

In the world of entrepreneurship, every door represents more than just a physical entryway. Doors symbolize the potential for growth, the prospect of new horizons, and the gateway to opportunities waiting to be pursued. As an entrepreneur, I’ve come to realize that my fascination with doors extends far beyond their functional purpose. Each door I encounter on my journey embodies the spirit of possibility, the power to transform dreams into reality, and an opportunity to help others traveling a similar path.

At the outset of any entrepreneurial endeavor, we’re faced with closed doors that seem insurmountable. We should see these barriers, however, as invitations to explore alternative paths. The very act of approaching a closed door with curiosity is the first step towards innovation. I’ve learned that it’s not about avoiding obstacles, but about embracing them as chances to learn, refine our ideas, adapt our strategies, and ultimately discover new opportunities.

Opening new doors requires more than just physical effort – it demands courage.

Each time we step into the unknown, we’re challenged to face our fears and doubts head-on. That moment of doubt before taking the leap into a new venture can be overwhelming. But I feel that it’s through moments like these that we find the strength to break through, evolving into more resilient entrepreneurs.

Every door we cross teaches us valuable lessons. Whether it’s a successful venture or a failed attempt, the experiences we gain from stepping through different doors contribute to our growth.  These lessons become the building blocks of our unique entrepreneurial journeys, shaping our mindset and approach to future opportunities. It’s important that we recognize that the value of a door isn’t solely in the outcome it leads to, but in the wisdom it imparts and the skills gained along the way. 

Adaptability is key.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, a door may close unexpectedly. We must be willing to pivot, to change course when circumstances demand it. Pivoting is about recognizing that when one door closes, another opens – often leading to even greater opportunities. Our willingness to let go of the familiar and explore new doors, and the possibilities behind them, can lead to transformative breakthroughs.

We must continuously learn and evolve to stay ahead. Each piece of knowledge we acquire, every skill we hone, is a door to personal growth. Whether it’s embracing new technologies, understanding shifting market trends, working with a coach, participating in an accelerator, or refining leadership skills, we must always be willing to open and walk through the doors of learning.

Behind every successful entrepreneur lies a series of failures and setbacks.

These experiences are the doors that test our resilience and determination. When we embrace failure as a door to growth, it allows us to develop the mental fortitude necessary for long-term success. Just as a door withstands external forces while maintaining its structure, we too must weather challenges without losing sight of our goals. Failure becomes a stepping stone, not a stumbling block, propelling us toward the next opportunity.

As a co-founder of a flexible commercial kitchen, I am surrounded every day by a myriad of other food entrepreneurs within the doors of our kitchens. I realized in reviewing the photos of my trip and based on my daily experiences at e.terra Kitchen, that doors are an absolutely essential part of shaping our individual journeys.  They represent the choices we make, the challenges we overcome, and the opportunities we seize. As entrepreneurs, our fascination with doors extends beyond their physical presence, intertwining with our desire to innovate, learn, and grow. With each door we encounter, we’re presented with the chance to not only transform our businesses but to evolve as individuals.

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