Startups, Growing Brands & Product Manufacturers

e.terra provides a state-of-the-art flexible co-working commercial kitchen space to help a wide range of foodservice businesses.


Starting a food service business is a rewarding but challenging and often costly endeavor. e.terra was founded by entrepreneurs who have all owned and operated restaurants or food concepts in the past and was designed to help entrepreneurs address the key challenges they face on a daily basis. By launching a food business out of e.terra, members save on traditional upfront and operating costs that can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It also provides members with the very essential business support services that can help them launch and successfully scale their business. This helps reduce the risk of starting the business and makes the dream of being a business owner much more affordable and accessible to the members of the community.

Growing Brands

Business owners looking to expand their footprint or into a new area can take advantage of e.terra in a couple of ways.

Food concepts can test out new markets or grow their brand awareness and sales in a new area before making a significant investment in a new location or maintaining a delivery-only business model by having no long-term commitment and low hourly or monthly rental rates.

CPG Manufacturers

e.terra’s facilities were designed to provide CPG manufacturers with a flexible space that can be customized to fit specific needs. Whether you are an ice pop maker or a gourmet hummus manufacturer, e.terra can help launch or grow your business.

Our facilities provide businesses with 5,600 square feet of flexible kitchen space. Our CPG members have access 24/7/365 and can often benefit from our off-peak hourly rates as needed to best fit the needs of their businesses.

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